Our Philosophies

Liberty Travel and Flight Centre USA are unbeatable places to work.

We’re crazy about travel, and passionate about what we do. Our employees are smart, creative, and driven, and we love it that way.

Our Philosophies

1. Our People
Our company is our people. We care for our health and wellbeing, our personal and professional development, and our financial security.

2. The Customer is Paramount
We recognize our customers always have a choice.

3. Profit
Profit is the best measure of our success.

4. Ownership
We believe that each individual has the opportunity to own part of their success.

5. Incentives
We believe that "What gets rewarded gets done.”

6. "Brightness of Future"
We believe our people need to see a clear pathway to achieving their hopes, aspirations, and dreams.

7. Standard Systems - One Best Way
By valuing common sense over conventional wisdom, we encourage open communication and sharing of power, so that as individuals we can make a difference.

8. Our Structure
Our structure is simple, lean and flat.

9. Taking Responsibility
We take responsibility for our own success or failure. It is our own choice whether or not we turn the pressure of work into stress.

10. Egalitarianism and Unity in the Workplace
Every individual should have equal privileges. We’ll never have separate offices, receptionists, or secretaries. Promotion from within will always be our first choice. Within our company there is no "them and us" – we’re a team, and we’re all moving forward together.

Why Work At Liberty Travel

Career Progression

We’re driven and ambitious, and we know you are too. That’s why we offer our employees the opportunity to advance their career in any direction they choose.  read more

Reward & Recognition

Our employees work hard, and we want to celebrate that!  read more

Excellent Benefits

We offer a full benefits package including comprehensive medical, dental, and vision coverage, a highly competitive 401(k) program with company match, and a company-sponsored wardrobe with a yearly cl  read more

Health & Wellbeing

We want our employees to lead their best lives, and that means staying healthy both emotionally and physically.  read more

Travel Benefits

We’re passionate about travel, and we want you to be too.  read more